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Ciao, explorers of the Italian traditions!

Сoffee was not invented in Italy, but the Italians behave as it was their own. And it is the most obvious in the South of Italy, in Naples.

Neapolitan coffee culture is unique compared to all the other Italian cities… They drink coffee three to five times per day, and even at midnight, they can meet for a cup of coffee with their friends.

There are a lot of nuances in the preparation of different kinds of coffee but the most famous one is espresso – literally a shot of coffee. In Naples, they complete it with a foamy “cremina” – a silky mix of sugar, coffee, and sometimes cream. It serves those who like their coffee a little sweeter than the dark, dense espresso.

You may make an authentic Neapolitan espresso even at home, follow our video instructions, and enjoy your coffee break with pleasure.