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Travelers to Italy,

Today I tell you a story about one mysterious but indescribably beautiful place. The legend says that the Queen of Naples brought her lovers there…

?Bagni Regina Giovanna
[eng. Bath of Queen Giovanna]
A natural pool on the Sorrento Coast.

A hidden treasure where myths, history, and nature create a fantastic mix of beauty, charm, and mystery.

Bagni Regina Giovanna is one of the most intriguing beaches of the Sorrento Peninsula. The name is given after Queen Giovanna D’angiò that during her reign in the XV century used to spend her holidays in Sorrento, and passed moments of pleasure with many young lovers on the beach of Capo di Sorrento (the corner of the coast where Bagni Regina Giovanna are situated now). Would you believe in this curious legend?

But this place has one more secret – the ruins of the Roman villa of Pollio Felice, one of the Roman nobles. This villa dates back to the 1st century BC and had about 30.000 square meters of area. Unfortunately, it left almost nothing and you can see only some ruins of the villa’s walls.

? TRAVEL TIP: if you decide to have a bath in Bagni Regina Giovanna, be ready that you’ll need to find a place on the stones, and sometimes it can be not so comfortable as many people are coming during the summer period.


?You may easily reach the place by bus (№ 5070) from Sorrento.
?By walking (if you like walking) – around 3 km.
?By car, there is parking up there and then you’ll need to walk a bit in direction of the beach.
?By boat – just stop in front of the place and then swim there to enjoy the sea.

I hope that before you have never heard about this hidden treasure. And if you are planning to visit Sorrento Coast and need suggestions about the places and activities, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!

Your travel planner in Italy,